Female / 45       

  • Improve irritated & dull skin to make it more even-toned and look brighter

  • Increase skin elasticity & viability 

PERIOD: Oct 22, 2015 - Nov 20, 2015   FACILITY : PnP Dermal Science Lab 

Tested & proven, Significant clinical improvement, The  powerful anti-aging benefits.

Based on 30 years of anti-aging science research, our R&D team has developed the most effective active ingredients, the 3 type anti-aging formula* with the promise of making the users look younger and healthier by combating the visible signs of skin aging.

In just 4 weeks, 93% of women showed a significant improvement in skin-tone and a reduction of fine lines and redness.**

*Proven effective Anti-Aging Formulation 

  • Cell Activator (Six Core Peptides + Antioxidant) to accelerate skin regeneration cycle and combat the free-radicals responsible for the visible signs of aging.

While it takes several weeks to see results, it has proven that our 3 type formula is the most effective anti-aging component, when it comes to "smoothing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, improving skin-tone and other visible signs of skin aging."  

**Clinical Test - Satisfaction Survery Result

PERIOD: Mar 05, 2016 - Apr 14, 2016   FACILITY : PnP Dermal Science Lab 

Female / 48       

  • Significant skin-lifting and tightening

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines around eyes

  • Look more vibrant and brighter

STACEY'S LAB products are formulated with proven effective active ingredients:

  • White Illuminating System to prevent hyperpigmentation caused by environmental damages or sun exposure, keeping your skin brighter.

  • Mer Complex as a nutrient-rich marine extract complex to provide natural protective moisture barrier to keep your skin hydrated.

 +   Formulated and tested to meet our efficacy saftey standars - Selectively chosen ingredients, Allergy tested, and Quaility guaranteed.

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